At home…

by hungrybrokeglutenfree

While I intended to start posting recipes and photos immediately, the creation  of this blog came during my end-of-semester exams so I had to hold off from procrasti-baking. Of course, now that I am finished, I have returned home and am able to cook in my parent’s kitchen.Of course, the premise of this blog is that I’m Hungry, Broke and Gluten-Free… and while these things are still true while away from my home, the broke factor becomes irrelevant.

At home, it doesn’t matter that my bank account is empty because I can do groceries with someone else (HELLO BRAND NAMES)! At home, it doesn’t matter if I cook 6 serves, because there are 4 of us eating! At home I try not to be creative with what I cook because I want it to be edible and taste pretty good. At home, I’m a different cook.

It is for these reasons that I’m holding off from beginning my cooking adventure until I return to my other home. I have, however, been thinking long and hard about what I will be making. I made a delicious Italian Hot Chocolate the other day and, had I had my camera, would have started with that! I made it with coconut milk as I had nothing else with me, so it was incredibly bad for me but super yummy!