What’s for dinner?

by hungrybrokeglutenfree

Just because I’ve had to re-adjust my eating (again) does not mean that I haven’t been experimenting. I plan to post most of these up at some point anyway, so this may become more of a list for myself.

Things I have experimented with:

  • Quinoa Porridge: I tried making this at home a few months ago, using quinoa flakes and making as if it were ordinary porridge. It was disgusting. It tasted so… savoury. A few weeks ago I made a batch of quinoa, just with water, and let it cool before stirring in some coconut milk. I stuck it in the fridge overnight and the next morning I had delicious porridge. Yummy!
  • Breakfast cookies: I tried. They were eh in taste, but great in terms of keeping me full. I doubt I’ll ever make them again because I struggled to eat anything earlier than 3pm in the afternoon when I had one for breakfast.
  • Roast Chicken: not really an experiment per se, but just something I made that I hadn’t done before.
  • Nomato sauce: There was a while where I wasn’t eating tomatoes. I’m still not eating them on a regular basis, but I’m open to eating them at some point. Nomato sauce is basically beetroot, carrots and some other things and apparently is supposed to taste just like tomatoes. Maybe I made it wrong, but it certainly did not.
  • Garlic Fries: These were delicious. I wish I could have them again! Yummo!
  • Polenta fries: Always a favourite! Yummy!
  • Chicken stock: I made chicken stock when I did the roast. It was okay, but I ended up with so much and then when I reduced it down, it just looked funny. I ended up chucking it out, but next time I will be freezing it in 1 cup portions. And yes, there iwll be a next time.

Things I want to make:

  • Bread: I know being yeast free complicates this, but I still want to do it.
  • Use a few flours in one recipe: not really a recipe, but more something i want to do in cooking. I’ve now got a few flours in my cupboard (Coconut, Besan (chickpea), Aramanth) in addition to the store varieties, so I think it’s time to try my hand at cooking properly. Also most blogs with gluten free recipes use a few flours in each recipe. I want to get to know flours and understand them. IS that creepy? I hope so.
  • Tortillas: I am yet to find commercially available tortillas and am stuck with wraps. The wraps I have found aren’t suitable for tortillas anyway. I know that there are corn ones, but the corn ones I have found in Australia have wheat flour and I refuse to buy from overseas. I sort of tried on the weekend, but gave up when I realised I would have to roll it out on the bench and didn’t feel like cleaning the bench.
  • Something with puff pastry: I’ve seen GF puff pastry at the shops. This makes it almost idiot proof. Theoretically at least.
  • Cookies: It’s been a really long time since I’ve had a good cookie. I used to be the cookie queen. Let’s have a go again! Please. Thank you.

If only I had started baking and cooking more adventurously before I got saddled with extra food issues, I’d probably be more comfortable now with substitutions. For instance, I know in a particular cookie recipe that is gluten free, I need 1 whole egg, plus an  extra yolk. Well I can technically have egg yolk… do I use an egg replacer for both? Do I make a substitution for brown sugar with stevia?

Anyway, these are things I will slowly learn. In the meantime, I’ve got dinner to consider.