Important things to know

Now as I wait to start my cooking adventures I’m looking at a heap of other cooking blogs and thinking about what I will cook. As I do so, I realise there are many little differences between Australia and the US. I just thought I’d whip up a reference guide so I don’t have to worry about clarifying things when I start posting my recipes.

This list is very basic but I’ll add to it as I go.

Capsicum is the same as Bell Pepper.

Coriander is the same as cilantro. If using the seed, we call it coriander seed.

Biscuit is basically the same as a cookie.

Icing is frosting.

Grilling here is broiling.

Barbeque here is basically what you call grilling in the US.

Baking tray is what you might call a cookie sheet.

Spanish Onion is a red/purple onion

Tomato sauce refers to ketchup.

Tomato puree is what others refer to as tomato sauce

Jelly is Jello

Jam or Conserve is Jelly

Plain Flour is all purpose flour

Self raising flour is self-rising flour

Corn flour is corn starch

Bicarbonate soda is baking soda

It’s also important to note that measuring tools have different capacities in Australia. Generally, it shouldn’t be a problem (I tend to be fairly inexact with my cooking) but if something is very important, I’ll make a note of it. If you’re worried about the slight differences, there are conversion charts available online.